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Drone Safety & Legal (DSL) is a services firm specializing in the monitoring and management of regulations and public safety applicable to the civilian drone industry. 
Its expertise enables it to combine all rules imposed by the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) with the strictest safety principles regarding persons and property.

It started out as a specific department in the Delta Drone Group, and is now a separate company that has handled over 2,000 mission authorization applications in all scenarios currently possible (S1, S2, S3 & S4 and exceptional scenarios).

Each member of the DSL team has over 25 years' experience in public safety.




Basic application (MAP and CERFA)

DSL's service offering is based on a set of pre-completed forms in which the personal data concerning the drone operator and its remote pilots are inserted.

With regard to the company operating the drone, a basic questionnaire to collect monographic information and data required by the authorities is completed only once and is then used as a basis for all subsequent applications.

The information collected is held in the strictest confidence and is declared to the French data protection authority (CNIL).

A similar form system is provided for the remote pilot(s) to provide us with all necessary information to carry out the various administrative formalities.

The service provided by DSL allows the drone operator and remote pilot to unburden themselves of all administrative formalities and concentrate solely on their core business.


Flight pre-validation

In order to fully secure the feasibility of a mission, DSL provides "pre-validation" of the site the drone is to fly over. 
Based on simple geolocation coordinates, DSL conducts a precise analysis of the entire environment of the site and delivers a report within 24 hours recommending in which scenario it will be possible to operate and any additional public safety rules to be observed.

Thanks to this report, all missions can be carried out with peace of mind and in compliance with the law and regulations in force.


Complex cases

In many cases, various restrictions requires prior formalities to be carried out:

  • Proximity to an airport zone
  • Sensitive sites
  • Prohibited areas
  • Etc.

In this case, a variable set of documents must be prepared and submitted to the authorities in order to obtain flight authorization, in particular protocols signed with protected areas.

Thanks to the pre-completed forms specifiable to each case, DSL prepares and submits the required documents to the authorities concerned, in order to obtain the necessary authorizations.

Finally, and at the same time, DSL can take responsibility for contacting the police to inform them of the mission project, in order to avoid any risk of an incident.



Each member of DSL has a secure, customized space in which all its missions are filed and archived, thereby offering full traceability if required.  
These archives also facilitate preparation of the annual mission report required by the DGAC regulation of April 2012.